Corona … And now what?

When I flew to Tenerife mid-January, there was (except in China) no talk of corona yet in my vicinity. I’ve never underestimated or minimalised this. With 20% lung contents I really know what it’s like to be that ill. But I admit, it was something that doesn’t kept me busy.

First Italy.

Until then… I saw on TV and social media how things were going in Italy… It opened my eyes…

Then also Spain.

At Tenerife messages started coming in from Spain, so it came closer to my life. The date of my return flight came closer, so I had a big dilemma. Mentally I was ready to go home. I had my portion of sun-vitamins after a 3 month stay. The home front, which I contacted by phone or online, started missing me! And I wanted to hug my son and get together with friends in person.


But the closer I got to my date of return, the harder it was getting in Flanders with the corona crisis. It was all about the strict measures that Tenerife was taking. While at home, it felt to me, like only half-hearted decisions were made.

My dilemma was there for very real. Did I want to go home? Yes! But did I want to be in a breeding ground for viruses at the airport, on the plane and at home? No! And if I got to choose (so to speak) to get ill? Where? In my own country where doctors know my (very rare) disease or in an unknown hospital abroad?

After two nights and days of doubting in my head, I decided to stay on the island. Even though I knew that it could be an extra-long time, my health was the most important to me.

Rest in my head.

Meanwhile after a couple of days I find tranquillity. It’s still a mixed feeling. It wasn’t a holiday former to corona but I was down here to winter. However A closed down pool on the property, only going outside when necessary, seeing people leave… It’s not an enjoyable feeling but I can understand why these steps are taken and I fully support them!

On the other hand In spite of the cloudy days (the weather puts up a united from with the crisis) I still feel very good. I’ll stay here for a while and, together with friends, I’ll make the best of it.

Hope for improvement.

My heart goes out to all the people who have to go outside. To every hauler, entrepreneur, the hotel and catering industry, aid workers and so on…

I hope, together with all of you, that soon we can say, “phew” this was tough one, but we made it!

corona nurses


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