Traveling through time …

We’re already almost half way through 2020 and so far there wasn’t much to do in terms of travel due to corona conditions. And it doesn’t really promise to be ‘challenging’ in the near future either.

Walking by car.

I don’t really see a problem in this for myself. We also have very nice places to discover in our own country and I love ‘walking by car’ as well. For example, using an old-fashioned map to pick out an end point, and then see how to get there via all kinds of inner lanes. Definitely discover beautiful places and views!


If I could travel through time, I’d do my cruise back again. Unpacking your suitcase just once and still going to different locations is practically so easy. It’s just wonderful!
I’d do it again with the Celibrity Equinox. This is – until now – one of my best experiences ever. In terms of accessibility and helpful staff, this was a great one.

How about you?

What trip would you do again? Which one was the most memorable one for you and why?

Or… What else is on your bucket list? 🙂

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