The last one for 2022 …

‘Rolling’ Christmas and New Year’s wishes!

This time last year, it was decided that I would not celebrate my holidays at home, but here on the ‘island of eternal spring’.


Christmas Eve became very cozy with friends Monique and Mario at Imperial Tai-Pan. Good food in a nice atmosphere … and then walking down the Avenida Américas in summer clothes and looking at the Christmas decorations … somewhere it wasn’t right but it felt wonderful!


6 days later I turned another year older and the one thing I will never forget: 30° on December 30′ Unbelievable! I had to ask for a towel to put on my scooter seat, I just slid off … so hot!
With a gang of 18, we laughed, drank, ate pizza, and made wishes.
Happy …

New Year’s Eve!

On the last evening of the year we walked to the promenade, where we stood and watched the overwhelming fireworks with a bottle of Cava and a jar of grapes in hand. Chickadees again trumped me and the feeling of being truly happy with what I have, am and can do on this island … ❤️

This year …

… Christmas is celebrated in a fine restaurant with good friends, on my birthday we have brunch in a more ‘intimate setting’ and New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a whole gang for a sumptuous dinner and a toast to the new year!

So herewith, as I keep rolling, I would like to send you my very best wishes …


Take a liter of wisdom from all peoples on this earth
mix it with respect for everything living
melt a lump of tolerance
shred a handful of mutual understanding
let it all simmer with love for an hour
sprinkle it with hope
distribute it with care throughout this planet …


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