Point-to-point cycling and wheelchair access: Check! ✔

Point-to-point cycling and wheelchair accessibility was checked … and approved!

In my blogs of June 10 and October 25 you could already read about my hitching bike. Cycling with it on Tenerife was not without danger because of the slopes. But in the region around Hasselt and certainly along the Albert Canal near my home, it is perfectly possible.

I also found very interesting routes in the ‘Bierfietsbook’ with its nodes. Most of them are too far for my bike but I picked out ideas!

Al googelend kwam ik op de site van Visit Limburg terecht en vond ik een perfecte lus! ‘Fietsen door het water in Bokrijk‘ had een knooppunt kort bij mij thuis van waar we konden starten en in het centrum van Hasselt konden we afsluiten.

And so, on a sunny Sunday we set off!
After some fumbling with hooking up my little bike to my wheelchair (the battery is too heavy for me), Bert and I both set off “rolling” to the canal to start at node 95.

A second stumble because we were looking for node 97 instead of 95 … Ok ok … all beginnings are hard 😀.

From then on, it was just wonderful.

Toward Kiewit!

Via the brand-new bicycle bridge in Kuringen, we rode to Hommelheide, between the Platwijers and towards Domein Kiewit where we made our first stop. Hot weather and cycling makes one thirsty! 😉

After a beer, a coffee, and a bathroom stop (accessible and adapted toilet on the property), we were ready for our next stop!

Heading to Bokrijk!

From Domein Kiewit, we cycled back through green meadows and stretches of forest, arriving at Bokrijk “cycling through water”. This is one of Limburg’s biggest attractions, especially with such nice weather as that day. It was also quite crowded and the water felt cool on my hands for a while … 🙂
We had to give way to a very beautiful swan that took all the time to cross, which – of course – nobody had a problem with.
It was great fun. The smells and sounds in the forest, the sun shining diamonds in the water … The conversations along the way, especially the feeling of active cycling, were wonderful!

Eventually, we arrived back in Hasselt and decided that the next bike route would be shorter! The beautiful weather was very much inviting for far and long, but I felt fairly shaken up and Bert was getting ‘saddle sore’ anyway … 😉

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