Swinging and swaying on the wheelchair stage at André Rieu’s concert at the Vrijthof in Maastricht.

After seeing and hearing André Rieu for the third time (including twice at the Vrijthof), there was a fourth time!

Just like last time, we made a terrace afternoon of it because the weather gods gave us – again, for which ‘thank you above’ 😉 – beautiful weather.
For those who had booked a restaurant arrangement, the tables were neatly set and the glasses were sparkling in the sun!

We were among the first to be allowed onto the Vrijthof after the gates officially opened at 6:30 pm, and where I was very surprised to see that there was now a wheelchair stage provided!


In previous years, I sat as a roller in a separate block for people with disabilities, but on the ground floor. As a result, from halfway through the evening you could no longer see anything because people were constantly standing up. To dance, to give applause, or just because they just could not sit still with this music, like me … 😉 I was not able to see the music anymore.

The stage was placed at the back, at a height that allowed you to look over the audience, and with a wheelchair-accessible toilet close by! The boys and girls in red suits were all very friendly and got you – if still needed? – right into the André Rieu mood!

Sitting so close to a walkway … it gave me goosebumps on several occasions.
Watch and listen …

I don’t need to tell you how great I thought this evening was again. The music, the atmosphere, my company … it was just really complete again!
This is not something we do every summer, but once every few years … it’s simply amazing!

Via Youtube I found an after movie, which perfectly captures the beautiful evening.

If I’ve given you the musical thrills to see him live on stage… Check his calendar at this link!
Wheelchair/escort can be ordered via (0031)20 – 299 3647.

Translated by Deepl.com.

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