A girls night out …

Because Carine’s birthday is coming, we had something to discuss. And how do you do that better than on a nice terrace in the sun on a pleasant spring day!

Enjoying life …

I have known Carine for several years through my work, she is Jordi and Joshi’s mum. Joshi has Duchenne muscle disease and is electrically wheelchair dependent. They travel as much as they can and wherever possible.
Monique is Carine’s sister and someone who also likes to enjoy all the joys of life.
Going out with them is always having fun! πŸ™‚

It was very busy in the city center, and the terraces were also full but with a bit of moving and sliding we could find a place in the Gastrobar ‘t Genoegen. I have been here a few times and if you want to go for nice bubbles, this is “the place to be”!
What would we drink … Let’s go crazy? Veuve Clicquot?
Why not!
We only live once! πŸ˜€

Champagne and chips … hmm …

This was new to me, and oh so delicious! A first glass went very smoothly in and after (no long) consultation we ordered a second one, but now with a bite there because I felt this very quickly rising to my head.
The waiter recommended the home-made chicken crisps and we also opted for Iberico ham croquettes. Hmmm … delicious!

First drink, then eat …

From there we walked two hours later to my favorite place to eat, the Walputsteeg. You can eat very well here in a very beautiful setting, covered and yet you have a feeling of “sitting outside” through the open passage.
The drink there became one for me without alcohol, I had to drive a car and my alcohol level was supplemented for a while enough πŸ™‚ . My spaghetti with wok, chicken and fine vegetables was also very tasty but the longer the evening progressed the more my left foot started to hurt. Strange because to my knowledge I had done nothing wrong?

‘A drunk mans’ leg’ … say what ?

By the time we payed our bill and walked to the car, it only got worse and when I wanted to get out of my wheelchair to get in the car I could barely stand on my then very painful foot. What was this?
With the help of the girls I managed to get out of the car and into my home a little later. I didn’t understand a thing, I just felt that the pain increased without me doing anything.
A little “Googling” taught me that I had an “gout” attack. Popularly this is also called a “drunk man’s leg”. Duhhh … after two glasses of champagne?

Dear friends …

I think this champagne was too expensive for my body, but this will certainly not stop me from drinking it! πŸ˜€
And you know what ? We completely forgot to talk about the birthday weekend … so we have to go back to get a drink on a sunny terrace! πŸ˜€


    • Nadine

      Hi ‘Anonymus’, thank you for your reaction ! It’s too bad they have no accessible toilet but in office hours you can go on the other side behind the bicycle shed πŸ™‚ .

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