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Found my perfect spot for wintermonths …

Rode berg La Tejita

During my search for “the perfect spot on Tenerife” I ended up via a link from Kenny. He rents a luxury apartment in La Tejita, a hamlet of El Medano and part of Granadilla de Abona.

Check first!

I almost always go to pre-research when I consider booking something because Tenerife is a volcanic island and can therefore be hilly in places (also close to the beach). This is nice, but if you move around with a mobility scooter, the ways up can be heavy for the battery 😊.

I went by bus to El Medano and wanted to “walk” from there to La Tejita but this turned out to be impossible. The “Red Mountain” is in between and you can only get there by car or bus, or for the adventurers off road with a mountain bike, for example.
There I was told that “there is nothing to do in La Tejita”.

Hmmm … If I had not been so “seduced” by the beautiful apartments – and especially the accessibility – I would have decided not to continue with it.

Maybe a little stubborn?

However … as good friends sometimes say about me … “what she has in her head, she doesn’t have in her butt πŸ™‚ “.

The appartment got stuck in my head and I asked further information about the location through various others.
Las Terrazas is a new-build complex and is a few minutes walk from the beach. There is a “streetmarket” nearby where you can do your daily shopping as well as outdoor cafes or really go out for dinner.

Someone also told me that there was a kind of travel agency that organized bus trips according to supply and demand. And that was what completely convinced me to opt for this. If it was too quiet for me, I could go on the road at any time!

A nice welcome!

October 22 I arrived here and I was very warmly welcomed by Dirk, the key responsible. He led me around, got down coat racks (that were hanging too high 😊) for me, just like things in the kitchen cupboards that I could not reach with my height of 1.50 m 😊 and from then on I could install myself for a month. “I was really looking forward to it because the sun was all over!

Grmpffff …

However … a few days later I fell off my pink cloud …
A bus (470) runs here every hour, however … not accessible. I phoned myself ‘a blue ear’ to the exchanges in Adeje and Los Cristianos. Apparently a few buses are in recovery and La Tejita is a bit in between where there is no great need for accessibility, so I’m out of luck … πŸ™
The travel agency was – just barely a month ago – away, so there were no possibilities for getting out.

Big ‘damned’, because I felt “stuck”, although I could always call a modified taxi if I really wanted to leave.

But, what if …

But, how strange it seemed … The longer I stayed, the more I found my way here. I easily get contact and there are some Belgians who regularly come back or live here. So after a few days I came across people, for example in the La Tejita Streetmarket on a terrace, or during a purchasing moment and a chat started very quickly!
A Flemish evening at the Bambale bar / cafΓ© where hand-cut French fries with stew were served in a Flemish way, also made a contribution to the introductory bag 😊 and so my “right place feeling” began to grow.


Now, after almost 4 weeks I know for sure.

I would like to come back here!
The apartment itself is super, in terms of accessibility ideal (if you can walk a bit) and the owner is a super host. Our first chats by Messenger were fairly rough on both sides, because he wanted (properly!) to be sure whether a stay for someone with a physical disability was really possible here. And from my side, I overwhelmed him with questions of all kinds. But from the moment I was here, he was constantly willing to help where needed. A very nice experience!

And the surroundings … it can only improve.

There is a 5-star hotel under construction right on the beach that I cannot reach yet, just like at the Pirata bar because there is a staircase going down. But I am convinced that with the arrival of the hotel, bus transport will also be improved and access to the beach (with dark sand) will also be provided.

So …
My next stays are booked. Kenny and Dirk, I am looking forward to my next stay at Terrazas Tenerife!

Loving my life and surrounding myself with friends and positive people. My goal is trying to make the world more aware of accessibility for wheelchair users on holidays and other leisure activities.

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