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Help! My scootmobile is acting weird!

Gogo Pride scootmobiel

For two days I had the feeling that the battery of my mobility scooter was empty faster than normal. And yes, I had done some rides up and down here near Los Cristianos and Las AmΓ©ricas, but still …

Batteries and chargers …

The annoying thing is that maybe nothing is wrong after all, but that I don’t trust my mobility scooter anymore. And because I planned a trip to Santa Cruz one of these days I wanted to be sure and went to a mobility store in Tenerife.

LeRo logo

A ‘lucky accident’ is that LeRo is only a kilometer away from where I’m staying. The ride there is quite a bit uphill but the views you have on the way are very nice!

The people of LeRo speak Spanish, English, German, and -how easy- Dutch. Their approach is very understanding and they are super friendly! All over Tenerife they are known for their great service but that also makes them very busy.
When I explained my problem, they wanted to help as soon as possible but some things had to be planned.

So done.

I went back the day after. I reported to them and, as agreed the day before, they could find me on the terrace of hotel Mar Y Sol, right next to it. A quarter of an hour later technician Gerd came to get my mobility scooter and I was allowed to sit on the terrace for a couple of hours. Really not difficult, in the sun, with a drink and some nibbles!

My afternoon of waiting has flown by! Gerd once came to ask for more information and I didn’t have my book and Spanish course in hand. I had very pleasant conversations with hotel guests and others who just come for a drink and meet ‘old acquaintances’ again.

About four hours later my mobility scooter was brought back to me and I was allowed to pay. The price was not that bad and the verdict was that I shouldn’t charge my charger all the time. Because of this it keeps ‘working’ and sometimes gives wrong signals.

receptioniste Leontine en technieker Gerd
receptionist Leontine and technician Gerd


The staff is top! Their service is top! So if you have a problem with your tool; Lero is a definite recommendation!

Loving my life and surrounding myself with friends and positive people. My goal is trying to make the world more aware of accessibility for wheelchair users on holidays and other leisure activities.


  1. Great to see there are self employed ppl who really care about their business. Helping others is very powerfull, not only in business but also in our daily lives.
    Well Nadine, I learned to know you just a few days and I became fan already from your stories! Keep up the good work and I wish you safe journey’s!

    1. Hi Patrick, a big ‘thank you’ for your kind feedback! Hope to meet you and your wife in the future! πŸ˜‰

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