Kapermolenpark was reconstructed. My rating is a well-deserved 09/10!

With its 30 hectares, the Kapermolenpark is the most extensive green space within the city center of Hasselt. For many people living in Hasselt, it is their green spot close to the city center: for jogging, walking the dog, letting the children play, skating… The park is also an important part of our city’s history. In 1982, the former city council donated the park to the people of Hasselt on the occasion of 750 years of city rights.

In recent years, however, the role and appearance of the park have changed significantly. As a result, today it has a great diversity of functions that each work smoothly, but they lack coherence. By means of a complete redesign, we want to bring new overview, legibility and uniformity to the park, but we also want to gear the layout more closely to the needs and wishes of the visitors. *

During my last high school years in the Vildersstraat I saw the construction of this building and my son also used to spend hours there during his school years.
People of all ages came here to relax. Young families with toddlers playing on the playground, young people who came to skate or just ‘hang out with friends’. Or older people who came for a quiet walk to enjoy the peace and quiet and the greenery close to the city center.

I myself had a few Kapermolenpark concerts with a group of friends. Great during summer evenings!

I especially remember the park as a very green oasis, with lots of trees and a large pond in the middle where there was also a kiosk where you could sit down. In terms of accessibility it was not ideal, especially when it had rained a few days in a row. The footpaths showed bumps and potholes here and there and that could become a mud pool.

The reconstruction is a very positive metamorphosis!

There are two (free) blue parking lots right at the entrance and through the skate park you walk over a well prepared gravel path to the park.

The first thing that I noticed there is the wide view, the openness and spaciousness in contrast to how it used to be. This takes some getting used to but gives a good feeling.
And even more so when I see how accessibility was integrated! Wow!

From the downhill you can cross a bridge, which is wide enough for an electric wheelchair to cross, over the water. Just wonderful!

In the middle of the park you have a viewpoint where you can also easily ride as a roller on the gently sloping path. The surface here is gray fine gravel but well prepared. Above you have a very nice view and there is also a seat for non-rollers to enjoy together 🙂 .

I think the renewal is very positive. Another plus is that the park is located next to the renewed swimming pool, so you can have a drink and/or a snack on the very inviting terrace in the Bermudas Beach bar .

In a few years time, when the vegetation will be a bit more complete, this will most likely get a 10/10 from me! Highly recommended to visit if you are in Hasselt!

City of Hasselt gave me permission to post their promotional video. Watch and enjoy! 🙂

*source: https://www.hasselt.be/nl/heraanleg-kapermolenpark
Translation by Deepl.com.

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