Playa Paraïso on Valentine’s Day, a match!

Tenerife is a wonderful island to warm up on in the winter months. Especially if you have those ” crackly bones” like me.

On Valentine’s Day I wanted to pamper myself extra, let me label it ‘self-care’ 😉 .


For me, there is nothing so wonderful and relaxing as a relaxing massage, with warm stones, oil … Searching online I came across a salon where tantra massage was given.
Through Whatsapp I made a first contact. I had to be sure that the location was accessible and also told clearly that I needed a hand with sitting down on the mat and standing up again.
I was completely reassured. She understood me completely when I said I could use this after a past relationship and so wanted something all to myself.

The salon was located in a complex in Playa Paraïso. As always, I was a little early and first strolled around the neighborhood.

Then, right on time I rang at the door. I was able to drive in effortlessly and was escorted to the massage room.

Zennn …

My first impression was like … ‘Ooohhhh … how lovely … beautiful …’ I was completely looking forward to this!

To get in the mood (as far as I still needed 🙂 ) we first drank a glass of cava together and then I was invited to lie down.
From then on I was ‘out of this world’ for an hour and just enjoyed it.
This was worth repeating! 😉

Totally chill towards the coast.

I had been warned that Playa Paraïso was very hilly, and I could see it from the first exit I took towards the ocean.
It was indeed quite steep going down but the view was phenomenal!

Other views were also incredible. I said it in previous blogs, I can spend hours looking at mighty waves and the “living” water …

Ending with Moët & Chandon!

I got the tip to definitely check out the Roca Negra Sunset Club and I ended my lovely afternoon there with a nice drink and snack.

Not cheap but absolutely delicious! And hey … on Valentine’s Day you can have a little more … Right? 😉

So my afternoon was a complete success! Watch and enjoy with me the evening sun over the ocean … 🙂


Playa Paraïso is very hilly, to the point of being almost steep in places. I didn’t get to Shopping Rosa, also because my time was too short. But I will definitely go back, also to this Sunset Club. They have an accessible and adapted toilet there, but there are also two steep slopes to take.
Highly recommended! 🙂

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