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Playa Paraïso on Valentine’s Day, a match!

Playa Paraïso

Tenerife is a wonderful island to warm up on in the winter months. Especially if you have those ” crackly bones” like me.

On Valentine’s Day I wanted to pamper myself extra, let me label it ‘self-care’ 😉 .


For me, there is nothing so wonderful and relaxing as a relaxing massage, with warm stones, oil … Searching online I came across a salon where tantra massage was given.
Through Whatsapp I made a first contact. I had to be sure that the location was accessible and also told clearly that I needed a hand with sitting down on the mat and standing up again.
I was completely reassured. She understood me completely when I said I could use this after a past relationship and so wanted something all to myself.

The salon was located in a complex in Playa Paraïso. As always, I was a little early and first strolled around the neighborhood.

Then, right on time I rang at the door. I was able to drive in effortlessly and was escorted to the massage room.

Zennn …

My first impression was like … ‘Ooohhhh … how lovely … beautiful …’ I was completely looking forward to this!

To get in the mood (as far as I still needed 🙂 ) we first drank a glass of cava together and then I was invited to lie down.
From then on I was ‘out of this world’ for an hour and just enjoyed it.
This was worth repeating! 😉

Totally chill towards the coast.

I had been warned that Playa Paraïso was very hilly, and I could see it from the first exit I took towards the ocean.
It was indeed quite steep going down but the view was phenomenal!

Other views were also incredible. I said it in previous blogs, I can spend hours looking at mighty waves and the “living” water …

Ending with Moët & Chandon!

I got the tip to definitely check out the Roca Negra Sunset Club and I ended my lovely afternoon there with a nice drink and snack.

Not cheap but absolutely delicious! And hey … on Valentine’s Day you can have a little more … Right? 😉

So my afternoon was a complete success! Watch and enjoy with me the evening sun over the ocean … 🙂


Playa Paraïso is very hilly, to the point of being almost steep in places. I didn’t get to Shopping Rosa, also because my time was too short. But I will definitely go back, also to this Sunset Club. They have an accessible and adapted toilet there, but there are also two steep slopes to take.
Highly recommended! 🙂

Translated by Deepl.com.

Loving my life and surrounding myself with friends and positive people. My goal is trying to make the world more aware of accessibility for wheelchair users on holidays and other leisure activities.

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