Dilemma; to come home or not …

This is my fifth year in a row of hibernating. My regular readers know that my second home became Tenerife after several years of searching and “feeling”.

Only … this year I have an incredible dilemma. Do I come back for a period of time before the holidays … or do I stay there…
Until now I always came home because I am an emo-chick and want so much to share certain moments with people who are very close to my heart.

Like Christmas Eve.
Christmas for me is a time of gathering, of making my house cosy, getting tasty snacks in the house, watching Christmas shows on TV, etc.
Then my birthday comes up. An opportunity to have a party with friends! Every year, this is a very special moment in a tavern where we eat and drink together and talk about our intentions for the new year. And in the end, nothing really comes of it … 🙂
Last in line is New Year’s Eve.
For me a magical moment; the turn of the clock at 00h and the transition to the new year with lots of fireworks! I get soooo emotional … Simply because it means to me that I can look forward to so many new things! Really … I tell you … I love fireworks and I don’t keep my tears inside then, even when I am genuinely happy 🙂 .

But …

Coming back means:

  • Making my home cozy and seeing my son. For him, however, it is not necessary … grmpfff … 🙂
  • Celebrating my birthday with my friends here.
  • Seeing New Year’s Eve fireworks in the bitter cold, hoping that fog and/or bad weather doesn’t mess everything up.
  • A whole fuss about corona

Staying means:

  • Celebrating Christmas in the sun. Ohhh so nice and warm!
  • Celebrating my birthday with the circle of friends that has been growing in La Tejita and Los Cristianos.
  • Celebrating New Year’s Eve in very nice company, with lots of fireworks in very pleasant temperatures!
  • No fuss about corona.

Last year I flew home for a month specifically for one person. However, this turned out differently than expected which made my holidays a total flop. I admit that this also influences my doubts about ‘staying or coming home’.

On the other hand, I am already quite sure that I will miss certain people very much if I stay. But whether those few moments will compensate for all the benefits?

Someone once told me, “You can’t have everything … or at least not at the same time…” Spot on!

To be continued! 😉

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