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Pairi Daiza.

Pairi Daiza by Flickr by ΨᗩSᗰIᘉᗴ HᗴᘉS

I received photos from Leen and Raoul, a very nice couple that I know through Muscular Diseases in Flanders. Raoul has a muscle disease, called ‘Myasthenia Gravis’ and is mostly wheelchair dependent. They told me they had booked a few nights in Pairi Daiza, in the brand new hotel accommodation.

Garden of the Worlds.

The zoo in itself is one of the nicest of them all and is a home for over 7,000 animals, including many endangered species. They find protection in the “Garden of the Worlds” and the whole design here is very beautiful. I don’t have the feeling here that the animals are in captivity, because there is a sea of ​​space everywhere.
It is a large park (approx. 70 hectares) and you better use a plan to walk a bit in a structured way in the magnificent and authentic gardens. Here and there a path is not really wheelchair accessible. This is clearly indicated in the plan, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Waking up with playing sea lions in front of you …

There are 2 adapted and accessible rooms in the “Paddling Bear Hotel”, overlooking the cheerfully impressive sea lions playing in the water.

The room itself has a wide entrance and is very spacious with a wooden floor. The transition to the bathroom is seamless and also a sea of ​​place. The bed is at height and can therefore be easily moved under if you need a hoist or every other tool.

The included services for a stay, such as access to the park from arrival to departure, can be found here.

Book my own stay in the future!

Leen and Raoul were very satisfied with the warm welcome and the accommodation. If you include the discounts, the price for the stay is not too bad, because as you can see in the list, many things are included.

Because I really like the park, I am considering testing a (or a few) overnight stay myself!
You will certainly read about it! 🙂

Thank you Leen and Raoul and for your input and a ‘thank you too’ to Pairi Daiza for pictures!

Loving my life and surrounding myself with friends and positive people. My goal is trying to make the world more aware of accessibility for wheelchair users on holidays and other leisure activities.

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