Roadtrip Berlin –> Warschau (–> Lodz –> Berlin –> Dortmund) / part 1.

During our “girl’s night out” a few months ago we didn’t talk about Carine’s birthday weekend, but Monique and I said jokingly (yet sincerely): We’re going to Berlin and Poland! Carine still was looking for assistance to help with Joshi and we had time.
So … yes please! 🙂

They drove, we flew …

Carine and Joshi left on 14 August, together with Joshi’s brother Jordi and his girlfriend Hannelore, with their adapted car (Fiat Ducato Panorama Flexfloor). Because the floor was lowered, a lift could be placed so that Joshi can easily go up with his electric wheelchair and drive into the car.

check in with assistance
Almost a VIP when you’ve got assistance!

Monique and I flew via Zaventem the day later to Berlin and checked in at the evening in Scandic Berlin on Potzdamer Platz.

First stop: Scandic Berlin.

Checking in was a bit chaotic because part of the group was already checked in the day before, and we now wanted to check in with the same name (Carine and Monique are sisters 🙂 .

But once in the room this was quickly forgotten, because what a pleasant space this was!

Lots of light and very spacious!

The typical Scandinavian style; lots of light, open, wooden floor (super easy for a roller) and light colors … So pleasant!
The maneuvering space was perfect in both the room and the bathroom. The transition from the room to the bathroom was seamless and so there was no problem working with the lift. The beds were electrically adjustable (not a high-low bed!) And stand on legs so that you can also easily work with a hoist here.

Foto’s : Copyright: Scandic Hotels, with sincere thanks to Scandic Berlin!

Throughout the hotel there are very nice features, such as the animal hanging in the breakfast room. This is a mythical creature from Bavaria and is called “Wolpertinger”. So cute! 🙂


Or the moose heads that you see in the entrance, and also in the bar and corridors upstairs, each with a name. Very nice to see!

We met an acquaintance 🙂

We ended our first evening in Berlin with a dinner at Beef Grillclub by Hasir.
A meat restaurant – as the name suggests – where you can see the meat chunks in the shop window. This much! So big! Help! 🙂

The location is accessible (however, the toilet is down the stairs) and the very friendly staff was happy to move tables a little for our group of 6 people.

On the road …

On our first real day in Berlin we visited the Panorama Punkt.
In 20 seconds you are via a spacious elevator on the 24th floor to the viewing platform without you really feeling it. Wow! 🙂

view Panoramapunkt
A wide view.

You can walk around here completely, you have a wonderful view of Berlin at a height of 100m and the open-air exhibition connects the present with the past. Photos from the past and now are combined and give a great picture of the most important changes that the city has undergone in recent years. This is also a representation of everything that happened around the Second World War.
After the walk we were ready for a drink and also enjoyed the view in the Panoramapunkt cafe. Not cheap, but if you are there anyway … 🙂 .

Wheelchair and accompanying person receive a discount when purchasing a ticket, and there is an adapted toilet near the elevator below.

In the afternoon we took the metro (also close to our hotel) to the Gedenkstätte Berliner Maur. Using the metro was a bit of a search first. Which metro should we take, which stop is accessible … It remains an adventure but nothing that stops us! 🙂
Here too we learn (again) that it can be much better than at our place. Almost everywhere ramps are available at the stops and the driver comes out to lay the plates ready. Nice!

The remains of the Berlin wall, traces, photos of people and the dramatic events of the past … It gives me goosebumps and I am very happy that the sun warms me.

Hunger and thirst!

For 4 days we walk and roll our feet and wheels off our bodies 🙂 . There is so much to see in Berlin that you always have the feeling that you are short of time. And that makes you thirsty and hungry! 🙂

The Monkey Bar is a very nice location for a drink.
With a spacious elevator you can go to the 10th floor where you can enjoy the most original cocktails. The choice is very difficult here! Such as a “Mad Monkey Mai Tai or a” Waikiki Beach Bonfire “. Hmmm … 🙂 .


Or eat something in the Hard Rock Café, mainly because you have to hide from a heavy rain shower 🙂 , also very nice and friendly staff who like to slide tables to make room for us. There is also an accessible and adapted toilet. Cool!

Packing and back on the road.

After our stay at Scandic Berlin we pack everything and get ready for a 6-hour trip to Warsaw. It takes a bit of thinking and puzzle work to get
everything neatly in the car, but Carine and Joshi are “trained” in this and with a little patience we can leave after a while!

We pass 4 places where we have to pay toll. We definitely do not (yet) speak the Polish language and this results in hilarious moments 🙂 .

We also stop to refuel, and here too we are happy that they do not understand us because there are very nice staff around and I can’t help commenting on this 🙂 .

Second stop: Mercure Warszawa Grand.

Towards evening, in the pouring rain, we arrive at the Mercure Warszawa Grand hotel for two nights. This hotel is located in the center of the city and is a good base for walking to the old town for example.
The room is very spacious, there is carpet but not too thick so it is easy to drive over it. The transition to the very spacious bathroom is also barrier-free. Fine! The spacious beds are on legs, and therefore also easy to work with the hoist.

We decide to eat something downstairs in the restaurant and then crawl into our bed immediately. The ride of almost 600km was quite tiring, especially for Carine. She is the only driver on duty and we have to ensure “entertaining” along the way so that she remains focused … 🙂 . Everyone’s job … right? 🙂

Warschau, historical and architectural beauty …

Warsaw is the capital and government city of Poland that was completely destroyed during the Second World War. The first day we walk in very warm weather towards the old city center via a shopping street with wide paved sidewalks, ideal for rollers. Since Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004, the city has been greatly enhanced and the incredibly beautifully restored buildings have been a feast for the eyes. The old market square is less pleasant due to the typical cobblestones, but the new part that is surrounded by very pleasant terraces is highly recommended.

Warschau old town
The renewed market square.

Also on our second day we just follow our nose and just enjoy what we encounter. Cooling down regularly and having a drink on a terrace is a must because we have temperatures above 25. Unfortunately, the shops in the cozy side streets are a no go for a roller. Stairs everywhere and very narrow doors. A pity, but ok. This is (for the moment) ‘economical’ travel … 🙂 .

Side street old Warschau
A side street in the old part.

Our visit to Warsaw is too short to really see much, but definitely recommended in terms of accessibility.

Are you curious about the sequel? Then click on part 2!


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      Hi Scandic Team, thanks a lot for you nice comment and the fact about the mooses is definitely fun! I also have a colleague who’s called ‘Carina’ 😀 . Really looking forward to a next stay! 😉

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