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On the road with the Titsa-bus!

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As I described in an earlier blog, the bus connection here in La Tejita is hopeless in terms of accessibility. So if I ever want to go out, I have to plan carefully 😊.

For example, after our visit to “The well of TenBel” (where we went with an adapted taxi for € 25 on Sunday service) we decided to continue our bus journey to the bus station in Adeje. There are enough accessible ones! buses that stop and depart at this point.

Which bus?

Our trip to Adeje went smoothly and at the station I asked which modified bus we could use to drive back from Los Cristianos to La Tejita in the evening. After a phone call to a colleague, however, the counter clerk couldn’t help me and she asked my number so that she could reach me via Whatsapp as soon as she got the right info.


Half an hour later, I received a message in which two phone numbers were mentioned to which I could call for correct bus hours around 6:30 PM.

Okay again. Great for this follow-up!

An hour later I received another message stating that we can take bus 470 at 19.25 at the station in Los Cristianos.
Gosh … this went smoothly!

So far, so good!

At 6.45 pm I get a message from another Titsa officer that an error has occurred and that there will be a bus at 7.10 pm and at 8.15 pm.
At that moment we walk towards Los Cristianos from Playa Las Americas and then decide not to linger and to continue a bit. We can come back to shop …

And than …

As we arrive at the station well on time, the from 19.10 pm bus appears to be effectively ready. But this is not adjusted. I curse quietly, because I waited here for almost 3 hours a week ago and think … “not again” … 🙁 .

… help is coming.

At that moment a bus driver walks by and I stop him to explain what is going on. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak English (and I don’t speak Spanish yet), so it’s not so easy to explain what’s wrong, but through my Whatsapp messages he quickly understands the situation. He immediately says that I have to wait a while and he starts calling … It is clear that he ‘s not amused with this situation, if he understands that I was standing here last week …
While ringing, he walks away and I really hope that he returns and does not abandon us, but a while later I see him coming back. Phew!

And then he asks me if I am alone, and I point to my girlfriend who is waiting on a bench where he says we can follow him.

He opens the door of an accessible bus that is “out of service” and apparently we are allowed to step in … and just us 😊. Others who are also waiting have to take a different bus!

A private driver!

For a moment I don’t understand what is going on, but a little later it becomes clear that we are getting a “private ride” from this bus driver! Carina and I don’t believe our eyes, but it really does happen that we are the only ones on the bus and neatly dropped off at our El Confital stop in La Tejita!

Blown away but very happy with this gesture we get out and I thank our driver with a big hugg! He has no idea how happy he made us! 😊

Loving my life and surrounding myself with friends and positive people. My goal is trying to make the world more aware of accessibility for wheelchair users on holidays and other leisure activities.


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