Another try. Carnival in El Medano!

My last β€œchallenge” to go see the carnaval in Santa Cruz didn’t work out as planned due to problems with my mobility scooter. 
You can read this in a previous blog
But it didn’t hold me back to give it a second try? 

Closer to home this time!

El Medano is located 5km east from La Tejita. After (many attempts to) contact with the bus centre in Adeje I found out when there is an accessible bus. Bus nr 470 brings me in 11 minutes and only 3 stops to the red square in El Medano. 

First thing I had to do is finding a pharmacy. A painful blister on my lip kept me awake all night. So, this had to be fixed. 

I was lucky, when I got off the bus, I saw a pharmacy a little further on. 

The pharmacy had stairs as entrance, but outside there was a doorbell and a logo that indicated that people who needed help, would be assisted.


Indeed, someone came out very quickly after ringing the doorbell. They looked at my β€œproblem” and brought me the right creme. They helped me in less than 5 minutes, that was a good start of my trip to El Medano! 

Following the sound …

From there I started β€œcruising” trough El Medano. I heard the music and just followed the sound and ended up in the little square where there is also a market every Sunday. The atmosphere was great! It was easy, the sun shining bright, right on the beach, how beautiful could it be! 

I saw several groups of children doing dances, and DJs playing music and rhythm to connect the acts. 


β€œWiggling” to the music makes people hungry! And that’s how I got to Vente04. It’s a nice surf cafΓ© with friendly staff and an accessible and adapted toilet.  

The focaccia with smoked salmon and a mustard dressing was soooo tasty … I ate it all!


Around 6 o’clock the sun started to set behind the apartment buildings and it cooled down quite a bit.  

A very nice afternoon!

With a last look at the windsurfers in the distance, I drove back to the bus stop and got home 15 minutes later. 

It was a lovely day, worth repeating!Β Β 

Translated by Katja Brouwers.

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