Lockdown day 9 versus ‘skin hunger’.

I wake up with a blah feeling…
I feel in my little toe that this is going to be a day where positivity will be hard to find.
As I turn around again and crawl deep under my blanket, I’m asking myself what’s wrong.

It doesn’t take long to find out I’m missing physical contact. On day 9, in a corona situation with very heavy measures in Tenerife, it starts to be very hard for me that I am not allowed to touch people. That I’m not allowed to let people ‘feel’ that I like them, or appreciate the things they do. For a tactile person like me, this is difficult.

Being single is also very hard these days, while I normally don’t have a lot of trouble with that.
So I suffer from ‘skin hunger’. I miss a sincere hugg, cuddling up to someone, nestling myself on someone’s lap …

What is ‘skin hunger’?

(From Famme.nl, translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator.)

You come home and you get a kiss from your partner. As soon as you walk into the living room the kids run towards you and you get a big hug from them. You pet them over their head or hold their hand. In the evening on the couch and in bed you are still lying in the arms of your partner. These are all small touches on a day you may not even remember. But for someone who suffers from skin hunger, there is a lack of all these touches. The lack may even be so present that the person feels a kind of shock when touched lightly. And there is a feeling of lack, because they do want to be touched.

This cannot be solved or filled in at the moment. Although I have to admit that sweet messages are really good too. And so now I am making plenty of plans to make up for a lot of ‘cuddle-back’ and ‘skin hunger’!

Translated by Deepl.com.


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