Humour with a wink at Ryanair.

Flying won’t be in there for a while and for me it certainly won’t be with Ryanair. I have the experience that they have been asking extra costs for ‘every fart’ for years. Also, I don’t have all the confidence in this society because of my extra medical hand luggage. I was once charged an extra fee although I had arranged and paid for everything on paper.

Give me TUI and Brussels Airlines for as long as they can run. Nothing is guaranteed in these corona times.

This summer will probably be one in which I will ‘walk by car’ a lot. You don’t have to go far to discover unlikely beautiful places. Just watch ‘De Columbus‘, a blissful programme on Flemish TV, in which a bus drives to beautiful places and in which I would like to participate without hesitation!

If you want to read more about our roadtrip last summer, click here!

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